4813 depth

4813 depth

Depth as a literal measurement

Ge 7:20 See also 1Ki 7:31,35; Eze 40:6,9,30; Eze 43:13; Ac 27:28

Depth indicating the strength of human emotions

2Co 2:4 See also La 3:60

Depth as a characteristic of wisdom

Ro 11:33; Php 1:9

Depth representating the immeasurability of God

Ro 11:33

Depth used to express the love of God

Ro 8:38-39 See also Eph 3:16-19

See also

1085God, love of
1180God, wisdom of
2048Christ, love of
4227deep, the
5618measures, linear
5619distance & area

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