4442 firstfruits

4442 firstfruits

Offerings of the produce of the land, being the first and best of the crops, given in acknowledgment of God’s abundant blessings. The term is also used metaphorically to indicate the first of a much larger group that is to follow, such as those who will be raised from the dead.

Offering firstfruits

Ex 23:19 See also Ex 34:26; Lev 2:11-16; Dt 26:1-11; Ne 10:35-39; Ne 13:31; Pr 3:9-10; Ro 11:16

Firstfruits given to priests and Levites

Nu 18:8-13 See also Dt 18:1-5; 2Ch 31:2-5; Ne 12:44-47; Eze 44:28-30

Firstfruits offered at feasts

The Feast of Firstfruits Lev 23:9-14

The Feast of Weeks (Harvest) See also Ex 23:16; Ex 34:22; Lev 23:15-20; Nu 28:26

Firstborn of human beings and animals regarded as firstfruits

Ps 78:51 See also Ex 13:1-2,11-16; Nu 18:14-19; Ps 105:36

Metaphorical use of firstfruits

Firstfruits of God’s harvest Jer 2:1-3

Jesus Christ the firstfruits of the resurrection 1Co 15:20-28 See also Ac 26:22-23

Firstfruits of salvation Jas 1:18 See also Ro 8:23; 2Th 2:13 fn; Rev 14:1-5

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