4422 brier

4422 brier

Prickly vegetation, painful to the touch, often seen as a symbol of dereliction.

A brier as prickly vegetation

Eze 28:24 See also Isa 7:23-25; Eze 2:6; Mic 7:2-4

A brier as a symbol of dereliction

Isa 5:6 See also Job 31:38-40; Isa 32:11-13; Isa 55:13; Hos 9:6

Briers are destroyed by fire

Isa 10:17 See also Isa 9:18; Isa 27:4

Briers as an instrument of punishment

Jdg 8:16 See also Jdg 8:4-7

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