4190 spiritism

4190 spiritism

The use of mediums or other spiritual intermediaries to communicate with the dead. Scripture forbids such practices, which are inconsistent with obedience to a living God.

Spiritism forbidden by God

Lev 19:31 See also Dt 18:10-12

Punishment for spiritism

Lev 20:27 See also Lev 20:6

Spiritism practised in Israel

2Ki 21:6 pp 2Ch 33:6 See also 1Sa 28:4-20

Spiritists expelled from Israel

2Ki 23:24 See also 1Sa 28:3

The futility of spiritism

Isa 8:19 See also Isa 19:2-3

See also

1025God, anger of
4132demons, malevolence
4185sorcery and magic
5484punishment by God
6218provoking God
8648enquiring of God
8744faithlessness as disobedience

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