4007 creation, and God

4007 creation, and God

The natural world is sustained by God and speaks of God.

God sustains the creation

He upholds the natural order Heb 1:3 See also Job 38:33-37; Ps 104:1-35; Ps 135:6-7; Ps 145:16-17; Mt 10:29-30; Col 1:17

He sustains humanity Ac 17:28 See also Job 33:4; Ps 36:6; Da 4:34-35; 1Co 8:6

Creation is upheld for the good of humanity Ge 8:22 See also Ge 9:12-16; Mt 6:11

God’s sustaining power reserves the world for judgment 2Pe 3:7 See also 2Pe 3:9-12 Time is being given for sinners to repent.

God has given humanity responsibility to preserve creation

Ge 1:28 See also Ge 2:15; Ge 9:1-3; Ps 8:6-8; Ps 115:16; Heb 2:8; Jas 3:7

Creation is spoilt by sin

Ge 3:17-19 See also Ro 8:20-22; Heb 6:8

Creation speaks of God’s nature and character

His revelation of himself Job 12:7-10 This is not to suggest that animals can talk to human beings, rather it is a poetic device to stress what can be learnt from created things.

His eternal power and divine nature Ro 1:20 See also Jer 32:17

His authority Job 38:4-39:30; Jer 33:2

His glory and majesty Ps 19:1-2 See also Ps 8:1-9

His love and faithfulness Ps 36:5 See also Mt 6:30

His power Isa 40:25-28

His wisdom Ps 136:5 See also Pr 8:27-29

His unchangeableness and eternity Ps 102:25-27 See also Ps 90:1-2; Heb 1:11

His spiritual work in believers’lives Mt 13:3-43

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