3245 Holy Spirit, blasphemy against

3245 Holy Spirit, blasphemy against

The denial of the action of the Holy Spirit in the ministry of Jesus Christ, or the attribution of his works to demonic influence.

Jesus Christ warns against blasphemy

Mk 3:29 pp Mt 12:31-32 pp Lk 12:10 See also 1Jn 5:16

Blasphemy as erroneously attributing the work of the Holy Spirit to demonic influence

Jesus Christ is accused of being possessed by demons Mk 3:22 pp Mt 12:24 pp Lk 11:15 See also Mt 10:25; Jn 7:20; Jn 8:48,52; Jn 10:20

Jesus Christ is accused of casting out demons by demonic power Mt 9:34 See also Mt 12:24 pp Mk 3:22 pp Lk 11:15

Jesus Christ refutes these charges Mt 12:25-29 pp Mk 3:23-27 pp Lk 11:17-22

Blasphemy as acting in ways which deny the Holy Spirit’s work

Ac 5:3 See also Isa 63:10; 1Th 5:19; Heb 10:26-31

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