2590 Jesus Christ, triumphal entry of

2590 Jesus Christ, triumphal entry of

Jesus Christ rode into Jerusalem on a colt, royally yet humbly, to the rejoicing of his followers, but provoking opposition from the Jewish religious leaders.

The colt used in Jesus Christ’s entry into Jerusalem

Jesus Christ’s instructions to his disciples Lk 19:29-31 pp Mt 21:1-3 pp Mk 11:1-3

The obedience of the disciples See also Mt 21:6 pp Mk 11:4-6 pp Lk 19:32-34

Jesus Christ’s entry into Jerusalem

Jn 12:14-15 pp Mt 21:4-5 See also Isa 62:11; Zec 9:9

The response of the crowd to Jesus Christ’s entry into Jerusalem

Proclamation of Jesus Christ’s kingship Mt 21:8 pp Mk 11:8 pp Lk 19:36; 2Ki 9:13 Spreading cloaks on the road was an act of royal homage.

Proclamation of Jesus’messiahship Mt 21:9 pp Mk 11:9-10 pp Lk 19:37-38 See also Ps 118:26

Proclamation of Jesus Christ’s victory Jn 12:13 Palm branches were used in celebration of victory. See also Lev 23:40; Ps 118:27; Rev 7:9

The response of the Pharisees to Jesus Christ’s entry into Jerusalem

Lk 19:39-40

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