1215 God, feminine descriptions of

1215 God, feminine descriptions of

Some expressions attribute feminine qualities to God, especially relating to motherhood.

Descriptions of God relating to childbirth

God gives birth to his people Isa 44:2 God giving birth to Israel at the exodus. See also Nu 11:12; Dt 32:18; Isa 44:24

God gives birth to individuals Ps 139:13 See also Ge 29:31; Ge 30:22; Ecc 11:5; Isa 49:5; Jer 1:5

God as a midwife Ps 22:9 See also Job 10:18; Ps 71:6; Isa 66:9

Descriptions of God relating to motherhood

God nurses his people Isa 49:15

God comforts his people Isa 66:13 See also Isa 40:11

God as a mother bird protecting her young Dt 32:10-11; Mt 23:37 pp Lk 13:34 See also Ru 2:12; Ps 17:8; Ps 91:4

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