1120 God, repentance of

1120 God, repentance of

A change in God’s plan or intention, often in response to human repentance, but without implying any fault or moral imperfection on God’s part.

God’s repentance may show his pain and sorrow

Ge 6:6-7 God’s change of purpose here involves his intention to punish. See also 1Sa 15:11,35

God’s repentance may show his compassion

Jnh 4:2 God’s change of purpose here involves his compassion for sinners: “relent” in this and other passages may also be translated “repent”. See also Dt 32:36; 2Sa 24:15-16 pp 1Ch 21:14-15; Ps 106:45; Isa 38:1-5; Hos 11:8; Am 7:1-6

God may repent in response to human repentance Jer 18:8 See also Ex 32:14; 2Ch 12:1-8; Jer 26:13,19; Joel 2:13; Jnh 3:6-10

God never repents of his oath or changes his character

Nu 23:19; Ps 110:4; Heb 6:17-18

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