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Paul's Conversion and Early Ministry

The church's mission is indeed unstoppable if the risen Lord can reach down to save the movement's chief enemy, Paul...
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Paul's Conversion

The most important event in human history apart from the life, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth is the conversion to Christianity of Saul of Tarsus...
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Paul's Witness in Damascus and Jerusalem

Reports of "foxhole religion" and deathbed conversions leave us uneasy...
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Peter's Healing Ministry at Lydda and Joppa

When Jews use the all-purpose greeting/farewell "Shalom!" (peace), they are wishing that your life be more than hassle-free...
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The Mission Is Inaugurated Through Peter

When does God "outflank" and when does he make a "frontal assault" to advance the gospel? It depends on whether those who stand in the way are essential to its success...
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After two thousand years of the successful spread of Christianity among nearly every major ethnic group except the Jews, the natural question for us is, Will the Jews ever come to Christ in large numbers? In the church's earliest days the opposite question was the obvious one: Will the Gentiles ever be saved? Jewish Christians did believe that God had a saving purpose for the Gentiles, but it would be fulfilled at the very end of time (Is 2:1-4; 42:6; 49:6; Tobit 14:5-7)...
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