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III. Exhortation To Edification And Evangelism (Vv.20–23)

Jude calls the church to edification. The beloved were to strengthen themselves and to pray in the Holy Spirit, in contrast to the Spirit-void troublemakers. While remaining in God's love, they face the future, waiting for the full flowering of eternal life when Christ will show mercy to the faithful.

References to the Holy Spirit, God, and the Lord Jesus Christ are not a Trinitarian formula, especially in light of the order in which the names are mentioned. But these three titles show that later Trinitarian theologies are implicit in Jude.

Despite his vigorous exposure of the opponents' errors, in vv. 22-23 Jude calls the church to evangelize them. Jude holds out the evangelistic hope for renewal, even to selfish schismatics who upset congregational fellowship and mission. Jude's prescription of edification for the saints and evangelism of the schismatics is an effective antidote for contemporary church fights as well.