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II. Conduct Yourselves As God's Household (2:1–6:21)

In the remainder of 1 Timothy, Paul discusses the characteristics of God's household. Servants of God must understand and practice prayer (2:1-10), and live responsibly in Christ's freedom (vv. 11-15). Next comes the qualifications for leadership of God's household (3:1-13), followed by a discussion of godliness (3:14-4:16). No program in godliness or life in God's household is complete without a discussion of interpersonal relationships, which occupies 5:1-6:2. The letter closes with Paul writing about the relationship between riches and godliness (6:3-19). In the last two verses (vv. 20-21), Paul reiterates his earlier commands to Timothy in 1:18-20 and 6:11-12, that one must actively guard the faith while opposing false knowledge.