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III. The Basis For Growth In Grace (1:12–2:22)

The circumstances that both Peter and his readers face make growth in grace urgent. The Lord had shown Peter that he soon would die (1:14). In light of that fact, Peter writes to remind his readers of the nature of Christian life and of the necessity for their continuing growth.

In addition, he has learned of certain false teachers who have infiltrated the churches and have promoted another understanding of Christian life. These heretical teachers (2:1) denied the lordship of Christ, led many into theological error (especially the weak in faith and newly converted), and promoted an undisciplined and immoral lifestyle. Their destructive teachings (see introduction), which presumed an authority above that of the highest angels, had led some to abandon the way of truth.

Such circumstances compelled Peter to remind his readers of the truth about grace. In this section he offers solid grounds for his urgent exhortation to grow in that grace.