Fifteen books are traditionally included among the Apocrypha:

2 Ezra (= 1 Esdras; c. 120 b.c.)

Tobit (c. 200 b.c.)

Judith (c. 150 b.c.)

Additions to Esther (c. 140 b.c.)

Wisdom of Solomon (c. 30 b.c.)

Sirach (c. 132 b.c.)

1 Baruch (c. 150-50 b.c.)

Bel and the Dragon (c. 100 b.c.)

1 Maccabees (c. 110 b.c.)

2 Maccabees (c. 110-70 b.c.)

Prayer of Manasseh (second-first century b.c.)

Letter of Jeremiah (c. 300-100 b.c.)

Prayer of Azariah with the Song of the Three Young Men (c. second-first century b.c.)

Susanna (second-first century b.c.)

4Ezra (= 2 Esdras: c. a.d. 100)

James H. Charlesworth notes that the Prayer of Manasseh and 4 Ezra are more properly pseudepigrapha (Charlesworth, 2:xxvii). The dates of these books range from 200 b.c. to a.d. 90.