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  1. ABSTEMIOUSNESS » INSTANCES OF » John the Baptist (Matthew 11:19)
  2. ABSTINENCE, TOTAL » INSTANCES OF » John the Baptist (Matthew 11:18; Luke 1:15;7:33)
  3. ALEXANDER » A relative of the high priest, present at the defense of Peter and John (Acts 4:6)
  4. ALTAR » OF INCENSE » Seen in John's vision (Revelation 8:3;9:13)
  5. ANDREW » A disciple of John ( John 1:40)
  6. A CELESTIAL SPIRIT » FUNCTIONS OF » Announces the birth of John the Baptist (Luke 1:11-20)
  7. ANGEL (a spirit) » APPEARANCES OF » To Peter and John, while in prison (Acts 5:19)
  8. ANGEL (a spirit) » APPEARANCES OF » To John, on the island of Patmos (Revelation 1:1;5:2;7:11;10:9;11:1;17:7;19:10;22:8)
  9. ARK » IN THE TABERNACLE. Called THE ARK » In John's vision (Revelation 11:19)
  10. ASCETICISM » INSTANCES OF THE PRACTICE OF » John the Baptist (Matthew 11:18; Luke 7:33)
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