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Two New Bibles Now Available: Czech Bible21 and Hawai‘i Pidgin

We’ve added two new Bibles to our online library! The first two additions of 2012 are the Czech Bible21 and the Hawai‘i Pidgin translations. Continue reading

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Eugene Nida, Father of Dynamic Equivalence, Dies at 96

Eugene Nida, the father of the “dynamic equivalence” Bible translation philosophy, has passed away at age 96. His work and ideas had a lasting influence on many of the Bibles on our bookshelves—and on the way that scholars today approach the task of translating Scripture. Continue reading

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When Translating Grammar Changes the Meaning

Joel Hoffman of the God Didn’t Say That blog has an interesting post up about a Bible translation challenge that might seem counter-intuitive at first glance: sometimes directly translating the grammar of the original text actually corrupts the meaning in subtle ways. Continue reading

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Wycliffe’s Bible now available on Bible Gateway

The newest addition to Bible Gateway’s library is actually a very old one: Wycliffe’s Old Testament<, which together with the New Testament that was already online makes the complete Wycliffe Bible available. Continue reading

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Macedonian New Testament Now Available

The Macedonian New Testament is now online at the Bible Gateway! There are approximately 2 million people who speak Macedonian as their native tongue throughout the world and we’re thrilled that now they can read God’s Word online. Continue reading

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