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Slavery, the Bible, and Our Need for Humility

Does the Bible condone slavery? As we mark the 150th anniversary of the turning point of the American Civil War, it’s a good time to think about the ways people have used, and mis-used, Scripture. Continue reading

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“The Bible Panorama” Joins Bible Gateway’s Online Bible Study Tools

We’re pleased to announce a major new addition to our library of reference materials: The Bible Panorama by Gerard Chrispin. This Bible commentary will help you grasp the broad picture and context of Bible passages as you read. Continue reading

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Five Bible Passages to Read When You’re Doubting God

When you’re experiencing doubt—doubt that God exists, or that He keeps His promises—where in the Bible can you turn for reassurance? We asked Bible Gateway visitors to share the Bible verses they turn to when they struggle with doubt. Here are the top five Bible passages they recommended. Continue reading

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Bible Q&A: Jesus, The Pope, and Foot Washing

An interesting and unusual news item came out of Holy Week this year: the new Pope Francis made headlines—and caused some controversy—by washing the feet of 12 young people at a juvenile detention center. Does foot-washing have any significance in the Bible? We take a look at an unusual scene from the Gospels to find out. Continue reading

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Ten Tips for Memorizing Bible Verses

Have you ever committed a Bible verse to memory? We asked Bible Gateway fans for their best Bible memorization strategies, and we’re compiled the top ten suggestions here to help you out. Continue reading

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The Notes We Take

Do you take notes in your Bible? A recent article about the experience of reading through a family member’s heavily-annotated Bible prompts some reflection on the act of taking notes in the margins of our Bibles. Continue reading

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Five Ways to Motivate Yourself to Read the Bible in 2013

Are you convinced that the Bible is worth reading, but not sure if you can commit to such a project? Here are a few suggestions for how to go about working your way through the entire Bible in 2013. Continue reading

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What is the “Unforgivable Sin”?

What is the “unforgivable sin” mentioned by Jesus in Mark 3? Is it possible that you’ve committed it without realizing it? Continue reading

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What Does it Mean to Study the Bible?

Ask any pastor or minister what you should do to grow spiritually, and one thing will invariably make the list: Bible study. Why study the Bible? 2 Timothy 3:16-17 tells us that All Scripture is inspired by God and is … Continue reading

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Why Study the Psalms?

Have you spent time in the Biblical book of Psalms? In “Why Study the Psalms,” William Van Ornum talks about the literary and spiritual characteristics that make this collection of ancient Hebrew poetry so compelling today: Compellingly, [psalms] were used … Continue reading

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