Jefferson Bethke: What Do You Wish More People Understood About the Bible?

What do you wish somebody had told you about the Bible before you read it?

As part of our Bible Gateway 20th anniversary interview series, We asked Jefferson Bethke (the mastermind behind Why I Hate Religion) what he wishes more people knew about the Bible. Here’s what he had to say:

It’s a much-discussed fact that many people, even Christians, don’t read the Bible as much as they want to (or at all). Why is that? While the reasons will differ from person to person, it’s not too hard to identify a few common misconceptions about Scripture that prevent people from spending more time with it.

For Bethke, the idea that the Bible is just a list of moral rules is a misconception he wants to clear up. What about you—how would you answer this question?

If you’ve come to a point of regular Bible reading after avoiding it for years, what do you wish somebody had told you about the Bible? What misconceptions did you hold about Scripture that made it easy to put off reading it? Think about friends or family members, Christian or otherwise, who don’t read the Bible—what do you wish they understood about God’s Word?

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