New Family Devotional from Dr. Dobson: Family Love on Which to Build

Many of you have signed up for Night Light for Parents and Night Light for Couples, our two recently-added devotionals by Dr. James and Shirley Dobson. We hope you’ve found them to be a useful part of your daily routine (and if you haven’t signed up, you can still do at our Newsletters page).

However, we realize that not everybody’s schedule is the same, and no single devotional fits every family’s interests and schedule. So starting on Monday, we’re launching a new everyday family devotional from Dr. Dobson that takes a much lighter approach: Family Love on Which to Build.

Family Love on Which to Build offers short but powerful advice for the family. Almost “tweet-like” in length, each daily message comes from one of several devotional and inspirational books by well-known author and speaker Dr. James Dobson, including The Strong-willed Child, The New Dare to Discipline, Solid Answers, and more. Sent out early every morning, this devotion is perfect for a morning reading and midday reflection. The very short length of each day’s message makes it easy to fit into your busy morning routine, and works well as a discussion starter during family meals.

Family Love on Which to Build begins on Monday, April 29. You can sign up to receive it on our Newsletters page.

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