Become a Bible-Inspired Leader With Our Newest Devotional

How can you cultivate the traits of a Biblical leader in your church, job, and personal life? What happens when you start applying Biblical principles to your leadership style and decisions?

The Bible-Inspired Leader is our newest free email devotional, and it’s meant for anyone who wants to lead with grace and integrity. Whether you’re a pastor, a teacher, an employer, a small group leader, or anyone else in a leadership role, this weekly devotional will empower you and the people you work with.

Each week’s devotional discusses a different leadership trait, showing you how the Bible approaches leadership challenges like conflict management, stress, problem-solving, and accountability. You’ll learn what true Biblical leadership looks like—and how it transcends the the sort of leadership prized by the world’s conventional wisdom.

With its specific focus on leadership, The Bible-Inspired Leader brings something new to our growing collection of email devotionals. Despite that focus, the principles it discusses are applicable to anybody who wants to develop leader-like traits, not just CEOs or pastors. It begins on Monday, August 8, so sign up now!

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