The complete Common English Bible now available on Bible Gateway

The complete Common English Bible (CEB) is now available on Bible Gateway! The CEB Old Testament, Apocrypha, and an updated New Testament text have just been added to our library, so you can now access this accurate and easy-to-read translation on Bible Gateway.

The CEB’s defining feature is its readability: it uses clear, fresh, and plain-English words, including modern idioms and contractions, to render even the most complex sections of the Bible (like genealogies and measurements). The result is a Bible that’s accessible to all English readers without sacrificing accuracy.

You can learn more about the CEB or jump right in and start reading now! If you want to learn more about this Bible’s translation philosophy, see also the CEB website. The CEB blog, in particular, goes into great detail about the CEB translation of interesting or challenging Bible passages.

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