Rachel Barach interview: Bible Gateway’s past and future, reading the Bible on the social web, and more

What does the popularity of online Bible sites like Bible Gateway tell us about how people relate to Scripture today? How has social media affected the way we approach Scripture?

These are some of the questions posed to Bible Gateway’s general manager Rachel Barach by pastor and author Mel Lawrenz in a two-part audio interview. (Lawrenz is the author of the Everything New devotional and the creative director of Brook Network.) Rachel talks about Bible Gateway’s humble origins as a student’s project, reflects on what she’s learned since joining Bible Gateway last year, and offers her thoughts on the challenges and opportunities of bringing the Bible online.

You can listen to the interview here:

We hope this provides a bit of insight into the vision behind Bible Gateway, and gives you some food for thought on the topic of the Bible and current internet trends. Thanks to Mel Lawrenz for his thoughtful questions, and to Rachel for sharing her thoughts!

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