What’s with the New Search Results on Biblegateway?

Last week we rolled out some new functionality on Biblegateway.com. Perhaps you noticed, but when you do a search on Biblegateway.com there is a new results section from a place called Gospel.com. It looks something like this:


Perhaps you’re asking the question, “What’s Gospel.com?” Well, friends, that’s a great question. Here’s a quick explanation:

Biblegateway.com is just one of the web sites that make up the Gospel Communications International Internet Ministry Department (a mouthful that refers to our online ministries). In November we launched Gospel.com, which is an online directory of web pages from our Gospel.com Community. The advantage of a directory is that instead of automatically indexing information on the internet each link is individually indexed by a person. The result is a directory with much more focused resources organized into different topics. And as our Community adds and bookmarks new content to their web sites Gospel.com just keeps getting better.

We’re pretty excited about Gospel.com. The next time you search on the BG, we hope you take a chance to check out one of the links from Gospel.com.

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